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Things to remember to keep your cat safe during the summer heat.

Hello friends. With the summer heat already at bay it is high time to consider the best ways to protect your feline friend and make sure not only your cat is comfortable but also protect your cat from heat stroke.

Here’s a reminder and the guidelines: a cat’s normal body temperature ranges between 99.5F and 102.5F degrees. You should become concerned if their temperature reaches 104F degrees, which is considered the beginning of heatstroke. A temperature of 106F degrees is considered extremely high. Here are some pointers based on what the experts and the vets suggest:

Bring your cat indoors, during the day, especially during the hottest parts of the day. The best arrangement is to keep your cat indoors during the daytime and let them out during the nighttime. Usually your cat is going to naturally seek out the most comfortable areas of the house, like a cool tile floor or in front of a fan. If you know your cat well and you know of her favorite place to hang out, try to keep that area cooler.

A simple way to cool down a cat is to add a few ice cubes in their water dish. There are special water fountains designed for cats that recirculate water and keep it cool.

It is a good idea to protect your cat with flea and tick medication especially during the summer when ticks and fleas are more active and in high numbers.

If possible spend more time and play with your cat at night, when is cooler.

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