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Tracking Your Cat – Microchip vs GPS Technology.

This is a very interesting article I bumped on a while ago. It has been my belief that we, the pet owners, should do whatever it takes to protect our pets. Send me a comment in our blog section with your thoughts.

Nothing can quite describe the feeling of losing your cat and not knowing if you’ll ever see her again. Plenty of pets go missing each year, so plenty of owners have experienced this heartache. There are several options that owners can use to prevent this from happening, namely microchips or GPS technology. You’ll learn the differences so you can make a wise decision

Passive Microchips

Many owners have their pets fitted with a microchip implant. The microchip stores contact information for the owner. The chip itself is passive and only delivers this information once scanned. This means that it doesn’t have to have a source of power, making the implant very small and unnoticeable for your cat once implanted. The way the microchip works however leads to its biggest drawback.

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The microchip is basically useless it’s scanned. If your cat gets lost, someone will have to find her and get her scanned in order for you to have any hopes of seeing your pet again.

Most veterinary clinics and animal shelters have the equipment to scan these implants, so you just have to hope someone locates your cat to enable them to do so. You will also need to ensure that you keep your contact information updated if it ever changes. If it’s outdated, then whoever does locate your cat won’t be ale to get in contact with you.

Active RF Trackers

In addition to passive radio-frequency technology, you can also make use of active RF devices. You’ll simply need to fit one of the relatively small RF trackers onto your cat’s collar. Then, you’ll use a handheld device to locate the tracker. Designs are different, but they’ll typically use a series of audio and visual cues to help you locate a lost pet.

These cues will vary depending on how far away you are from your cat. Active RF is definitely a step up when compared to passive microchips since they allow you to actively locate the cat. However, these active trackers have a limited operating range, so you’ll need to be in the general vicinity of your cat to begin tracking in the first place.


GPS trackers definitely provide some of your best options when it comes to tracking a cat. There are various types of GPS trackers you can use. Similar to microchips, some GPS devices simply monitor where your cat goes and will deliver the information as to their whereabouts once the cat has returned and you can upload

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the information to your smartphone or computer. Obviously, this won’t really help you locate your cat if she goes missing.

Other GPS units operate in similar fashion to active RF technology. However, these devices typically have a larger range. Your cat will be fitted with a GPS-enabled device that will transmit location information to a receiver. You’ll need to be within at least 100 feet or so in order to receive this information, depending on the particular device used.

Of course, you can also use real-time GPS technology. These trackers will actually connect to satellites. This enables you to monitor the position remotely, providing the very best option for tracking your cat. These trackers have to be fitted with a sim card to make use of this service, a service that will have an associated monthly cost.

In addition this this, one of the main factors to consider when it comes to GPS devices is their weight. They’re nowhere near as small as microchips since they’re a completely different technology. They have to be fitted externally on the collar. Real-time GPS trackers are the bulkiest and could possibly be uncomfortable for your cat to wear.

Those who utilize real-time GPS devices also have to consider their location. Making use of sim cards, they use the same mobile networks that your cellphones do. If you’re in a rural location that doesn’t get particularly good cellphone reception, these devices may not work to the best of their ability.

These are some of your options for keeping track of your cat. Weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each of your options. Make the right decision so you never have to worry about your cat going missing and never being seen again.

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